Çelikyay was founded in Istanbul by one of the leading associations of the decade in 1965 for manufacturing of leaf springs. The company first started exports during 1990s and moved the production facilities to Duzce in 1995.
In 2000, changes and developments have started in the company when it was sold to the current member of the board, Mr.Tahsin Tarhan. Since 2000, the company keeps its activities in the name of TT Çelikyay Otomotiv Dış Ticaret Sanayi A.Ş. in Duzce on 6000 square meters closed and 4000 square meters open area. 

The company who had manufactured its first parabolic spring in 2004 has now three fully automated, computer aided parabolic tapering lines.
As a result of the investments made in 2008, TT Çelikyay has increased the production capacity to 24.000 ton annually and manufactures parabolic leaf springs and trailing arms as well as multi leaf springs and cabin springs.

The company’s headquarters are located in Istanbul which acts like a gateway to the world with its highly accessible location.
TT Çelikyay instantly improves its company values since 2000. And having invested in quality laboratories and test machines, the company devoted itself to manufacture highest quality products and also to preserve and improve the quality with continuous accreditations on global standards.

The production process at TT Çelikyay is planned and realized completely depending on customers’ needs and expectations. Advanced product developments are also made upon requests. All production process is scheduled and traced with ERP system.

Contributing in O.E. and aftermarket segments, TT Çelikyay reaches to end users in Turkey with its official distributors.  Also exporting to all over the world with best service, TT Çelikyay have become a well known brand especially in Europe and Middle East.