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Innovative and Flexible Solutions
Innovative and Flexible Solutions
Innovative and Flexible Solutions

Çelikyay A.Ş.

Çelikyay A.Ş., which is continuing its journey that started in 1965, by adhering to the principles of continuous improvement and best-possible service, is with its state-of-the-art production facility, one of the largest leaf spring manufacturers in Turkey as well as in the world.

These springs have a uniform thickness. They adapt to overloading and rough road conditions.  They are produced by combining spring layers of constant thickness, with a gradually changing length, with fasteners such as center bolts and clamps.

These are springs with parabolic changing cross-sections. They are produced by combining spring layers, which were subjected to a parabolic rolling process, with connecting elements. They provide comfort in flexible load conditions. They are lighter than conventional spring leafs because they have the capacity to work with less layers.

They are produced by giving parabolic leaf springs a “Z” shape or as flat. They are used for air suspension applications. Their field of use are trailer group vehicles using new model axles. They provide comfort in flexible load conditions.


As a result of the investments it has made and its quality-oriented production approach, ÇELİKYAY shows its success in the national market as well as in the international market, where competition is very intense.


Since its establishment in 1952, it has been using its competencies in the field of R&D intensively to produce new models for automotive main industry companies and to meet their current needs.


Çelikyay aims to establish sustainable business models and delivers its own products to every corner of Turkey with its distributors, who share the same values and have adopted the principle of investing in their business.

Electrical Vehicles

ÇELİKYAY also puts its knowledge and experience in product development into the newly emerging electric vehicle segment and offers creative and flexible solutions in this matter.

About Us

Çelikyay was founded in 1965 and started with the production of leaf springs. Making its first export in the 1990s, Çelikyay’s production facilities were moved to Düzce in 1995.

Our company, changed and transformed as of 2000, continued its business life under the name of Çelikyay Otomotiv Dış Ticaret Sanayi A.Ş. It still produces leaf springs in its production facility in Düzce with 7500 square meters of closed and 2500 square meters of open area.

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