Environment Policy

We, as ÇELİKYAY A.Ş., in our production and activities, within the scope of continuous improvement and teamworking strategies, commit ourselves being sensitive to the issues of “environmental protection, employer health and safety, compliance with regulations and environmental pollution prevention.”
The access to this commitment is based on the basics listed below.

  • Taking Environment, Health and Safety management as the basic values; being committed on conservation from the environmental pollution and elimination of health and work hazards.,
  • The practice of leadership, with the support of management and employee participation, for the improvement of environment, health and work safety,
  • Use and development of environmentally friendly, safe and efficient production methods and processes.


  • Environmental protection is one of our basic principle. Environmental protection is important for us as much as product quality.
  • We desire economic use of resources, reduction of environmental impacts, failures/accidents and to minimize their effect.
  • We desire to reduce and minimize, with continuous improvement, potential negative impacts of our processes on work safety, environmental and worker health.
  • We comply with environmental regulations.
  • We prefer appropriate technology as well as economic, for environmental and work safety.
  • We support a systematic organization based on ISO-14001 environment management systems and standards. We aim, by evaluating the effectiveness of these systems, making them work for continuous improvement.
  • We require our suppliers to give importance to environmental and working safety, we do support them on this.
  • We provide to be in contact with our social environment and employers.