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Çelikyay A.Ş.

Çelikyay A.Ş., which is continuing its journey that started in 1965, by adhering to the principles of continuous improvement and best-possible service, is with its state-of-the-art production facility, one of the largest leaf spring manufacturers in Turkey as well as in the world.

Conventional Leaf Springs

These are springs that have a uniform thickness. They adapt to overloading and rough road conditions. They are produced by combining spring layers of constant thickness, with a gradually changing length, with fasteners such as center bolts and clamps.

Parabolic Leaf Springs

These are springs with parabolic changing cross-sections. They are produced by combining spring layers, which were subjected to a parabolic rolling process, with connecting elements. They provide comfort in flexible load conditions. They are lighter than conventional spring leafs because they have the capacity to work with less layers.

Beam Springs

They are produced by giving parabolic leaf springs a “Z” shape or as flat. They are used for air suspension applications.

Cabin Springs

They are used as a comfort element in the cabin by providing springing of the cup. They are produced from U-shaped flat or parabolic springs.